3 Common Materials for Retail Display

June 21, 2021

When asking what is the most common material for retail display, which comes to your mind first? Metal, acrylic, or wood?
Today we will introduce 3 common materials for retail display products.


1. Metal
Metal is a perfect choice for display products, not only for clients but for the supplier. There are many baskets, shelves, panels are made of Metal.

It is the highly recommended material as it has these advantages:
a. Long lifetime, recyclable, reducing the input costs
b. High performance, strong, not easy to damage
c. Painting or powder coating for different colors
d. Easy to clean

2. Plastic
Usually, we refer to ABS, PC, and PVC. It has a versatile looking, different colors, and different shapes.

a. ABS is used in the injection molding process to produce display stands and fixtures. 
It has the advantages of stable performance, 
    strong and durable characteristics.
b. PC has the advantages of high transparency and good toughness, it is mainly used for lenses, product shells, structural parts, etc.

c. PVC is usually used in the extrusion molding process to produce sealing parts and inserts. The price tag in the retail display is made with PVC as well.
    It is low-cost, moisture-proof, and flame-retardant.
3. Wood
Wooden display fixtures have an elegant appearance. Beauty and cosmetic stores such as Sephora likes the wooden display stand, 
as it makes the store and the products look high-end.

Besides, it can adjust to the store theme and the environment, which attract many customers.

What’s more, it is very safe, no sharp edges, and recyclable.


If you doubt about how to choose the material for retail display, come to us, we have our professional team to help you.
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