11 Lighting Tips for Jewelry Display Cabinet

April 30, 2020

Most of the people involved in the jewelry business know that selling jewelry is not as easy as it seems. People are not only investing a definite amount of money in jewelry things but also investing much more time and commitment to run the store. However, not too many people find out lighting is a simple solution to boost their sales.

By using the correct lighting can help a jewelry store from different points of view. The right lighting can benefit you not just to advance your whole image of the store. In this article, we will try to present to you 11 things that you necessary to know about using lighting in jewelry stores so you can sell your jewelry more easily.

1) A simple display is best
The concentration of all jewelry displays must be the jewelry themselves. No one wants there jewelry covering in an attractive display. Preferably, you require a display that should make you focus on the jewelry so that the jewelry pieces stand more prominent.

2) Height matters
The height of the counters and the jewelry display fixtures in the retail store is relatively significant. Preferably, you need to highlight your top products at eye level.

3) Things should be clean 
The jewelry presentations must not only be clean. They must be completely perfect. Make sure all glass should clean and present surfaces regularly. Fill missing spaces by sold things to every time let the buyer feel they are getting the best of them all.

4) Create visual interest
To be visually captivating, your presentations need to be interesting. Place things at captivating angles, modification the heights of different parts of the display, and set props at diagonals. Though, make sure that the jewelry is still more visible.

5) Glasses are the key
 It does not matter how attractive your jewelry is presenting in a showcase if you desire to make sales; it must have to appear perfect on your buyer also. And the buyer cannot esteem jewelry on herself or himself if they have display glasses around. When you sell high-quality jewelry, you require mirrors.

6) Light color matching
According to the light color and type of jewelry with reasonable color temperature, for example, gold jewelry can be illuminated with warm white; and silver products or gem products can be illuminated with 5500K cold white light. The use of light sources with the same color temperature in the same area allows pearls to display sparkling light and fascinating symphony, to make colored gemstones to have a thicker color and bright light, and to make diamonds further crystal clear, whiteness and pure fire.

7) Appropriate illuminance
In jewelry illumination design, small-sized jewelry such as diamonds, gold, pearls, platinum, etc. necessity to be decorated for highlighting. The illuminance should be high sufficient, and the ratio with the ambient illuminance is nearby 10-30: 1; though some jewelry such as crystals, Emeralds, etc. highlight softness, and the illuminance need not be too high.

8) Aesthetics
It should have the occupation of decorating space, emphasizing the atmosphere, and beautifying the atmosphere. The lighting design should be designed as closely as possible to meet the display needs of jewelry, and at a similar time meet the requirements of decoration in the display case. According to the needs of different accessories or display personalities, the brilliance can be accustomed to deliver a prominent, comfortable, and bright display space.

9) Security
In the lighting design, we must harshly follow the requirements and rules of the standard design. When selecting construction electrical materials and electrical equipment, we must sensibly choice some trustworthy producers with consistent quality and brands, and you should also completely consider environmental conditions (such as radiation, Humidity, temperature, harmful gases, steam, etc.) harm to jewelry; consideration should also be paid to the problems of heat dissipation and aeration.

10) Be organized
The user/customers can be very frustrated with twisted bracelets and necklaces. Make sure to keep your merchandise organized with necklace holders, earring cards, and fold overs. You may customize them for a complete brand look! Moreover, the discovery of a card with a missing earring is a turn-off. So, select displays that will be easy for you to keep and flatten up often throughout the day.

11) Color  Schemes
When you are thinking of color, it is very attractive and easy to get accepted away. The most significant thing to think of is that you do not need the displays to be the attention. So much color takes consideration away from the distinctive attractiveness of the pieces, so retain a consistent color order.

In general, the use of jewelry stores needs to be designed and installed according to the actual situation, such as the size of the store, different types of jewelry, and staffing situation.

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