Project H for P&G


Client's Needs

There are 110+ different types of shelves , and it is difficult to highlight the main products;
The maximum number of renovation groups in a single store is up to 34 groups;
The single store involves more than 240+ product display requirements, and the complicated product display makes it difficult for consumers to make choices.



Initial Design

New Scene Experience: Bringing a new consumer scene experience by transforming and upgrading the overall shelf image;
New Shopping Guide Method: realize intelligent shopping guide through infrared human flow induction;
Highlight the High-end New Products: highlight the  high-end new products by upgrading the design and educational information of the shelf decoration;
Simplify the Display and Selection: harmonize the theme color and increase the shelf guidance to achieve the purpose of optimizing product display and simplifying consumer choice.


Detail Design

Use the new image and new shopping guide method to attract consumers' attention;
Upgrade shelf design and educational information to highlight the high-end new products; 
Renovation on the original shelves of the store: Customized width & height to support multiple categories & brands.




Logistic and Installation Service

High Quality and Efficient Service !
With the assistance of  280  local service teams in China, the shelves of 208 stores were upgraded within one month, successfully enhancing the brand image.

Market Reaction

Sales Situation:
According to store feedback, 80% of stores reflected  that the shelf renovation effectively increased sales,  with annual sales increasing by 17%.

Brand Image:
According to store feedback, 95% of stores reflect the improvement of the brand image and product grade.


Project H Products on Service



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